Play as the old man from Zelda as he slays enemies in the dimly lit, very green dungeon of doom. This is just a demo level with no win condition, but if peeps like it maybe I'll continue with it. Let me know what you think in the comments!


WASD - movement

LEFT CLICK - sword

RIGHT CLICK - fireball

SPACEBAR - dodgeroll

ESCAPE - restart

Things I am planning to add later:

- Audio

- More enemies

- More spells and weapons

- Boss fights


This game is currently unavailable


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The engine is nice, I like the old-school zelda-ish transitions eefect. Too bad there is no real end to the game. I would maybe suggest to go with procedurally generated level / Rogue-like approach for this one.

Thanks for the feedback. I think procedural generation would be a great idea for this genre. If I had more time during the jam I certainly would've built that in along with some story elements. If enough people like the project, maybe I'll continue it and see what I can implement.